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About Imogen

Welcome to IT Dietetics, I am glad you're here!


After growing up with chronic eczema, allergies and increasing potencies of steroid cream, I decided to take my health into my own hands in 2016 and stop all steroid use, focusing on healing my skin and body holistically and naturally. I went down the rabbit hole of wellness and nutrition with a particular focus on the way it can prevent and treat disease. Having this new found knowledge and meeting dead ends with clinicians I saw, I was able to heal myself using my own holistic methods. Since then I returned to university and graduated as a Registered Dietitian, specialising in Allergies, Gut health and Skin health in my private work, and working as an NHS Paediatric Dietitian at University Hospital Southampton.


 IT Dietetics is my Private Dietetic company where I offer consultations and write blog articles. It was created as a hub where people can come to find articles they may find interesting and helpful for their healing journeys with a specific emphasis on skin health. I take a holistic approach to health which, for me, involves being outdoors and eating whole, nutritious foods.


Thank you for coming,


Imogen xx 

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Higher Education

2019 - 2023

BSc Nutrition and Dietetics

University of Surrey

Fuelled by my experiences with my own health, this degree has shown me where my true calling lies. During this four year degree, I have completed two clinical placements within separate hospitals; Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford and Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth. It was at these two hospitals that I gained valuable dietetic experience working with outstanding teams in a variety of settings from Paediatric wards to Oncology and Stroke. I developed a love of outpatient clinics where I was able to conduct consultations with patients displaying a huge array of clinical conditions including; IBS, Coeliac disease, Obesity, Milk protein allergy, Malnutrition, Cerebral Palsy and many more. Through working with the community team in Portsmouth, I was able to visit patients at their homes suffering with chronic conditions such as Motor Neurone Disease, Cancer, Paraplegia and Muscle Dystrophy, most of whom required tube feeding. 


Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition


After recognising the lack of vegan nutrition taught on my degree despite the rising number of those following a vegan diet, I decided to enrol and complete Dr T. Colin Campbell's plant based nutrition course via eCornell, the online learning platform for Cornell University.


Certificate in Understanding Corneotherapy: Skin anatomy and 


International Association for Applied Corneotherapy 

After my extensive personal history with eczema and steroid usage plus my ever growing list of clients who are struggling with there skin, I decided I needed to know more. Corneotherapy is the study of the skin barrier and how to support it. This certificate enables me to apply a deeper knowledge and more holistic view to my consultations.

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