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Topical Steroid Withdrawal Masterclass

Topical Steroid Withdrawal Masterclass

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Welcome to the Topical Steroid masterclass: The survival guide for this debilitating condition. I am extremely proud to be able to bring you this masterclass all about TSW as a medical professional. I draw on my own experiences with healing as well as bringing you the science.  In this masterclass I hope to educate you on how steroids work, what they do to our bodies and yes, what YOU can do at home to help you body heal quicker. A first of its kind, this masterclass is not to be missed!

What's Included in this Masterclass

  • What topical steroids actually are

  • What conditions topical steroids are prescribed for

  • How topical steroids are absorbed into the skin and metabolised by the body 

  • What happens when our bodies become addicted 

  • The signs and symptoms of Topical steroids withdrawal

  • A list of 8 ways that you can help to support your body through TSW and make the process easier!

  • Diet during TSW

  • All the advice I'd give during a consultation (without the individual tailored approach), all for £30