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New nutrient pages and eczema meal plans

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"The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how to not need it" - Hippocrates

IT Dietetics is the love child of a history of skin conditions, a passion for writing and an insatiable appetite for clinical nutrition

Through my private Dietetic consultations and articles, I hope to educate you about your body to enable you to build a stronger connection with yourself

I am here to inspire and empower you

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"If you are feeling unsupported and overwhelmed by your eczema then I highly recommend you work with Imogen. I've tried a whole host of nutrition based advice before but when I came across her profile and saw that she has managed both eczema and TSW herself it felt like a no brainer to book and try again. Imogen made great suggestions to me from a diet point of view (inclusive not exclusive) but what mattered even more to me was being able to discuss all of the things around food that help create control and an environment for healing. Eczema is exhausting but you will and can manage it and having the support of someone who knows what it's like first hand is incredibly important. She gets it"

S.S - IBS +  Eczema client

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